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Hebei Hexi Carbon Co., Ltd. is a large-scale one-stop enterprise producing graphite electrodes. Its office address is located in Handan, a national historical and cultural city in Hebei Province, China. Its factory is located in Changxiang Township, Cheng ‘an County, Handan City, Hebei Province, China. It covers an area of 415,000 square meters and has 280 workers.

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  • Since September 2020, the graphite electrode market has maintained an upward trend of about half a year. Under the influence of multiple factors such as upstream raw materials, supply and downstream demand, the graphite electrode market has basically maintained a monthly upward posture, as of 202...
  • The joint of the graphite electrode must be superior to the electrode body, therefore, the joint has a lower Coefficient of thermal expansion and a higher Coefficient of thermal expansion than the electrode. The tight or loose connection between the connector and the electrode screw hole is influ...
  • The major products of our company include the Φ200mm~Φ1400mm Regular power graphite electrode,High power and Ultra high power graphite electrode and etc. Our garphite electrode products is characterized by its high bulk density,low specific resistance,high transverse strength and strong anti-oxid...
  • The graphite electrode market, which declined last year, has made a big reversal this year. “In the first half of the year, our graphite electrodes were basically in short supply.” As the market gap this year is about 100,000 tons, it is expected that this tight relationship between ...

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