• Graphite electrode prices rise

    Graphite electrode prices rise

    In mid-August, most graphite electrode companies pushed up the sentiment, mainly because of the price rise of some upstream raw materials, resulting in increased cost pressure on graphite electrode companies, superimposed graphite electrode companies in the early loss situation, most graphite ele...
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  • The price of graphite electrode tends to be stable

    The price of graphite electrode tends to be stable

    Graphite electrodes play a vital role in various industries, especially steel production and electric arc furnaces. These electrodes are critical to the process of melting steel, helping to transform the raw material into the desired alloy. Any fluctuations in prices will directly affect the over...
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  • Our Factory Has 20,000 Tons of Graphite Electrode Spot: Satisfying Your Needs

    Our factory has 20,000 tons of graphite electrode spot that are readily available and prepared for shipment worldwide. We aim to cater to our clients with comprehensive services, including sincere cooperation and an integrity-first approach. With sufficient spot preparat...
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  • Graphite electrode price rise

    Graphite electrode price rise

    In February 2023, after the Chinese New Year holiday, the price of graphite electrode raw materials rose continuously, and the price of graphite electrode increased accordingly.
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  • Chinese Spring Festival holiday notice

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  • Graphite electrode price rises

    After the price weakening stage in July, August and September in China’s graphite electrode market, the market price of bauxite,  flake graphite and silicon carbide strengthened during China’s National Day. The high power graphite electrode and some  specifications of calcined coal ca...
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  • The use and performance of graphite electrode

    The use and performance of graphite electrode

    First, the classification of graphite electrode Graphite electrode is divided into: ordinary power graphite electrode (RP); High power graphite electrode (HP); Ultra-high power graphite electrode (UHP). Second, the use of graphite electrode 1. Used for electric arc furnace steelmaking Graphite el...
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  • Causes of electrode loss

    Graphite electrode consumption and breakage is common in practice. What causes these? Here is the analysis for reference. Factors Body Breakage Nipple Breakage Loosening Spalling Electtode Loss Oxidation Electorde   Consumption Non-conductors   in charge ◆ ◆           Heavy scrap in   char...
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  • What is the consumption of graphite electrode in the process of steel making?

    In the process of steel making, there will be some consumption of graphite electrode, which can be mainly divided into normal consumption and very consumption. In the normal consumption, there are three kinds of arc consumption, chemical consumption and oxidation consumption. Although they cause ...
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  • Graphite electrode prices, raw material prices broke record highs,

    China Hebei Hexi Carbon Co., LTD. Latest graphite electrode price news, the global graphite electrode demand has recovered, we remain cautiously optimistic about the demand momentum trend. In April 2022, graphite electrode prices are still rising, the raw materials of graphite electrode, needle c...
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  • Latest graphite electrode market

    Latest graphite electrode market

    In 2022, the Year of tiger in China, the price of graphite electrode in China will be mainly stable temporarily. The mainstream price of UHP450mm with 30% needle coke content on the market will be 3380-3459USD/ ton, and the mainstream price of UHP600mm will be 3931-4088USD/ ton. The price of UHP7...
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  • Review of domestic graphite electrode market in 2021

    Review of domestic graphite electrode market in 2021

    price trend analysis In the first quarter of 2021, the price trend of China’s graphite electrode is strong, mainly benefiting from the high price of raw materials, which promotes the continuous rise of graphite electrode prices. Enterprises are pressurized to produce, and the market has st...
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